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Super Simple & Price Friendly Giant Popcorn Decoration

Decorated with Giant Popcorn and Poster Marquee
Snake River Library DVD Section

We are constantly trying to make our library space a comfortable and fun place to be. Our DVD library section needed a movie theme. So naturally we scoured the internet to find Giant Popcorn Decoration. We search for weeks on Amazon, Pinterest, Google and every else we could think of but to no avail.

We finally decided to just make our own. At first we tried spray foam. It wasn't quite what we were looking for. Then decided to try just regular three foot roll paper that almost every high school and library carry for pep rally posters. It worked better than we could have hoped for!

Colorful Butcher Type Paper
Three Foot Roll Paper

Supplies - You only need 4 things

The best part about our experiment was it had very few and inexpensive supplies. All you need is scissors, any sort of cord (we used illusion cord, but you could use white yard, fishing wire or whatever else you have lying around the house), and one yellow and white piece of three foot roll paper (you could also use tissue paper) for how ever many Giant Popcorn kernels you want to make.

Step #1 - Twist & Scrunch

With white paper on bottom and the yellow on top take the edges (deosnt' matter where you start) and roll and squish them all the way around the entire outer edge until it becomes circular.

Roll & Scrunch the Edges

Step #2 - Forming the Popcorn

Once the edges are all rolled and scrunched up, put your fist in the middle of the yellow paper while pushing the paper down around it. Move your fist and gather it into a bun type shape where the fist was.

Gather the Center

Step #3 - Tie it up

For the final step, just wrap your cord around the base of the bun shape. It doesn't need to be super tight. Just tight enough to hold the shape. Then tug & poof the bun shape, adjust the edges and you've got yourself a perfect Giant Popcorn Kernel.

Tie with Illusion Cord

Decorating Tip

You can either use this as table decorations or, do what we did and, attach a long string to the cord on the popcorn and hang it up. That's it! Perfect popcorn every time.

Check out the rest of our web page to see what else we are up to!

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