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SRHS Student & Library Aid goes to Carnegie Hall!

Updated: Mar 5

One of our favorite student library aids, Brannon Fuller, went to New York City to play his French Horn in Carnegie Hall. We love working with Brannon in the library! He is hard working, fun, smart. king of random facts, and oh-so talented in the music department. We just couldn't resist doing an interview with Brannon to hear all about his amazing trip! We want to share it with the community since you all were a huge support in getting him there.

How did playing at Carnegie Hall come about?

A few months ago, I received a letter from Worldstrides. Having been nominated by a mysterious professional, I was invited to play or sing at Carnegie Hall (New York) or Festival Hall (London). After discussion with my parents, I practiced my French Horn audition vigorously for a month and a half. After submitting my audition (and hope in my heart) the letter came in the mail two weeks later...

I was nominated, auditioned, and now selected as 1st (principle) French Horn playing for the Honors Performance International Symphony Orchestra. The following seven weeks, I practiced music from renowned composers Michael Markowski, Quinn Mason, and Peter Tchaikovsky, all under the very comprised composer, conductor and performer Jason Noble.

Is there anything you would like to say to the mysterious professional who nominated you?

I would like to thank whoever nominated me! This was a massive opportunity for me that could not have happened without this mysterious person.

SLC airport-NYC bound
Brannon Fuller at SLC airport-NYC bound

I would also like to thank my two band conductors, Mr. Daniel Roberts and Mrs. Kaylynn Hammond. They have done so much for me to learn and progress.

Did anyone accompany you on the trip?

Thankfully my mom and grandma were able to share this experience with me! They helped me so much from planning to executing, and I could not be more happy they came with me! All three of us had an amazing trip, watching Wicked together, our yacht ride, and of course preforming in Carnegie Hall.

What was the most memorable thing about the trip?

I will always remember my amazing group, the dramatic scene change of New York, and preforming with all my heart. I will miss my group of devout and comical musicians. Music brought us together, and we plan on sharing our experiences still! New York really was a "Concrete Jungle". The atmosphere was very different from our agrarian area. All in all, I liked New York! Carnegie Hall was beautiful! It was such an honor to preform there! That will be my most treasured memory for sure!

What was the funniest?

The things I was exposed to in New York were vast, and some of them were quite funny! Something my mom and I spotted was a man with a very large hat on in the airport, seemingly covering all his hair. But this hat protruded out in what seemed like a foot, and jokingly I wanted him to have a neat "beehive" style rocking under there! My mom and I still think it was funny!

Did you learn anything new?

I learned a lot in the short six days I was there. Culture, architecture, talent, and oddities all in the mix. I learned about another world and was interested in seeing how different a big city was. Taking it all in was difficult with so much going on. I learned musically, but to my surprise most of my learning came outside of our practice room.

Would you do it again?

If I was offered this trip again, would I take it? Expenses not considered then yes! But even as great as everything was I would not go again.

I may play at Carnegie again someday, but for now I am very grateful for my experience, and would not want to plan, fundraise, schedule, and take the trip again. I think sometimes it's smart to stop while you're ahead. Maybe in a few years my answer would be different!

Is there anything else you would like readers to know?

Last, I would also like to thank you, my community!! None of this would have been possible without the support from family, friends, businesses, and generous others that funded, supported, or helped prepare my trip in any way! Thank you for your generosity and kindness! This trip was one of a lifetime.

Thank you for also supporting the Snake River Community Library! I love my job, and was supported day one by my amazing bosses Karrie and Christine! Thank you both for relaying this message and photos! To anyone who sees me and wants to talk about my experience I would love to!

-A last thank you from myself, my grandmother and mother,

SRHS Student New York City Trip
Brannon, his grandmother & mother.

Brannon R. Fuller

Principal French Horn Carnegie Hall 2023 debut

Snake River Community Librarian

Snake River High School Junior


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