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New Look, New Website, New Blog!

Our new website has been a breath of fresh air. We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to navigate, including 'HOW TO' tutorials on renewing books, finding books, and other necessities. What's New on the Website? First, we started a virtual library full of activities, such as read-alouds, videos, and games. You also now have the option of Curbside Books! Just send in your list, set up a pick-up time, and then pull up and stay in your car as we deliver your book choices! Find our list of Services & Prices located on the website HERE. Last but not least, you can keep up with all our library happenings by checking our events page or following our blog, (events, activities, giveaways, photos etc).

So exciting, check back often! (And can we just give a big hand to our library student aids and Snake River students who modeled for our website images and are looking so SPIFF! Cristal Castillo, Lexee Hale, and Skye Prigmore).

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